Tuesday, May 16, 2006


RATING: *1/2
RUNTIME: 112 min

DERAILED is the kind of movie that makes for the lowest kind. The performances are bland, the performances are downright absurd, the screenplay is pathetic and the direction is insipid. There is absolutely no reason to watch this movie.
The plot is as lame as they get. Chris (Clive Owen) is an executive in a large commercial making firm who accidentally happens to meet a beautiful woman Lucinda Harris (Jennifer Aniston), who happens to be an executive in a financial firm, on a train. They get to know each other and bang they end up in a hotel committing adultery. Just then a mug comes in, strips them of their money, beats Chris down to unconsciousness and rapes Lucinda. It all doesn’t stop there. He asks for money leading to the supposedly thriller part of the movie. There is also a twist at the end of the movie which by now you might have already guessed. If the plot seems remotely thrilling the reader obviously belongs to a rare breed of people.
The performances are pathetic. I do not understand as to why all this fuss is being made about Clive Owen as an actor. I understand that he is a trained actor. But he is incredibly bland in all the roles I have seen him in and tends to repeat himself an awful lot. Jennifer Aniston is horribly miscast as the seductress. She is neither seducing nor does she looks in distress. As for Vincent Cassel as the mug he is incredibly irritating and a torture to the senses.
I do not understand the rationality behind making a movie out of such a ridiculous plot. On top of that the direction and the screenplay are downright pathetic. The whole scam or whatever is such a ridiculous idea that you feel like storming to the ticket counter and demanding a refund.
My idea is that the plot would have served perfectly well for a comedy rather than a drama. In fact a movie on the same subject and quite entertaining is BIRTHDAY GIRL starring Nicole Kidman and Ben Chaplin. That movie understood its subject matter and a made a neat movie out of it. And it had better actors than this one. Of course it had its share of problems when it turned into a thriller but that is a different matter altogether.
DERAILED is the kind of movie that with a far better plot would have found a place in the late 1980s with Michael Douglas in it. But in its present state there is no way in the world can such subjects make their presence felt let alone setting the box office on fire.

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