Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Best Movies of 2008

Albeit a bit late here's my list of the Best of 2008. Hope you share some of your favorites too. And here's to 2009. Cheers.


Sadanand Renapurkar said...

I watched The Reader yesterday and Boy! You have attempted to explain almost EVERYTHING. The thing the film is vast in it's scope. I went through so many things simultaneously. It was exhausting.

But Satish, what explains Hanna's going back to SS after getting a raise. What is that? Did she hate Jews? If not, why didn't she continue there as a tram conductor. This truth will not make me try to understand her any lesser. But still. That last scene. Oh! What a moment. His letters and cassets kept her alive when they meet, she keeps searching the ray of hope again in his eyes. I don't think she was even sad to live this world. She was indifferent, I guess.

Will talk to you later about this. I'm not sure how to proceed.

Sadanand Renapurkar said...

And what your friend observed is precisely correct. I never had any doubt about her sensitivity but the choices she made were, I believe, driven by the situation. Here I want to believe it was more than that.
The GERMAN GUILT Ganz's character mention in his seminar is much large an issue. It's a phenomenon. Surprisingly, we can see that in almost every person ni that courtroom except her and that's worth a thought.
Daldrey's direction is so fluent and sensitive that it makes whole experience all the more unsettling.

man in the iron mask said...

She couldn't continue as a tram conductor because she was being promoted to an office job which would expose her illiteracy.

I did try to explain everything, and believe me I had great fun writing this review. The best time to watch this film is probably before dawn. I think.

But you raise an important point. You say you felt that way in the court scene, which I didn't. That kind of thing actually raises questions about the film's sensibilties. What I believe is that the film shouldn't be taking sides, which I felt it didn't. But you say you felt that way, and if that is the case, it means the film in that scene is taking sides.

Sadanand Renapurkar said...

Oh, the illiteracy. Yes. But then Satish then why something as extreme as SS. Was she compelled? Was it her choice. Illiteracy can not be an excuse for SS. Or just peer pressure or she just didn't give that much of a thought. In this wonderful character study with very intelligent details one question remains(or may be I skipped it)

Hatred is much common a phenomenon in our lives than we hope it is. Passing judgments and labeling persons won't solve anything. Not with the dynamics of society as complex as ours.

Your analogy with predicament in India was dead on. I fear, this thing(the lawyer thing) is here to stay.

Sadanand Renapurkar said...

About the later part of you reply, I think, it's just the way she is, this woman. She is fiercely straight forward and brave. Not for one moment in this depressing scene does she look scared.
They ask her if she had indeed done it and she merely nods. Perhaps, the guilt word is far away from her. She is too practical for that. Practical yet having sentiments. She cares for that kid. Cries when they make love for the last time. But then leaves him nonetheless. She is a very intriguing mixture of both.

The questions I have are related to the choices she made. She knows she has done all those things, she confesses, does not ask for any forgiveness, that's sort of given.

Now I really get what did you mean when you said you enjoyed analyzing this one :)